Resources for Family and Friends

Parenting children who have been traumatised can be exhausting and it's vital you feel you can get support from your friends and family. Unfortunately, sometimes our support network may not fully understand the challenges facing you as an adopter. Below is a selections of resources to share with your wider circle to help them understand.

Why Parenting Traumatised Children Is Different [Word] - A document to share with friends and family to help them understand that differences with adoptive parenting and foster caring.
Guide for Churches [PDF] - If you are part of a church or religious community, this guide will support them tin supporting you.
Let's Learn Together [PDF] - This guide provides useful information that can be shared with your child's teachers.
Related by Adoption by Hedi Argent - This book is to help extended family members understand the needs of adopted children, the roles they can play in their lives, and how they can help to support you.