Stage One

Below you will find further information about the workshops you will attend as you move through your Adoption journey in Stage 1.  To book a place, please speak to your allocated social worker about availability and specific venue locations.


Prepare to Adopt – Essential Learning

Delivered over four days, our face-to-face course is designed to help you consider whether adoption is right for your family.  It covers a range of adoption topics including: the pathways to adoption and the process, children who wait (considering ethnicity, siblings, and additional needs), bonding and attachment, child development, abuse and trauma, grief and loss, therapeutic parenting, identity, openness and life story work, maintaining links with birth families, transcultural adoption and an introduction to adoption support. This culminates in a live Q&A session with experienced AEM adopters who will talk about their experiences.

Dates (*subject to change)



10,13,17 and 20 June 2024 All four days from 9.30am - 4.30pm Nottinghamshire
9,11,16 and 18 July 2024 Derbyshire
5,8,12 and 14 August 2024 Nottinghamshire
10,12,17 and 19 September 2024 Derbyshire
7,10,14 and 17 October 2024 Nottinghamshire
12,14,19 and 21 November 2024 Derbyshire
2,5,9 and 10 December 2024 Nottinghamshire


Children and Trauma Community Hub (CATCH) Fostering for Adoption Webinar - Essential Learning

This 30-minute webinar was created for prospective parents in the early stages of the adoption process. It outlines the key aspects of fostering for adoption (a form of early permanence) and how it differs to mainstream adoption. It may also be helpful to show to friends and family to help them to understand the fostering for adoption process.

The video covers:

  • The differences between Fostering for Adoption and mainstream adoption

  • The uncertainty around health and development

  • The fostering role

  • Contact with birth parents and expectations

  • The benefits and challenges of fostering for adoption

To access this session please log onto the CATCH website using your login details (provided to you at the start of Stage 1) and type 'Fostering for Adoption' in the search bar; the screen should look as below: