Sexual Health

Some young adopted people can become sexually active at an early age. This may be a result of low self esteem and a desire to feel loved, or possibly due to having had experience of inappropriate sexual activity or even sexual abuse at an early age.

Sexual relationships can also sometimes become very intense possibly due to a young person not having experienced the intense attachment felt by an infant in normal development. This attachment is called ‘symbiosis’ and can be felt very strongly in early sexual relationships.

Where adoptive parents have themselves faced issues of infertility it may be difficult and painful to accept that young people are sexually active and risking unplanned pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Livewell (NHS website) provides information for young people online
  • Brook also provides information and advice for young people under 25

Safe sex &The C-Card Scheme

Free sexual health advice and condoms for young people aged 13 to 19 years.

The C Card scheme allows young people to get access to condoms, lubricants and ask any questions they have about sex, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and relationships.

You don’t have to be having sex to use this service; the advice is free and confidential and is aimed at helping young people make the right choice about sexual health.

Young people who have concerns or questions about sexual health and relationships can access the scheme for advice and support, young people do not need to register for the scheme if they only want advice.

Wherever there is C Card sign young people can sign up for free condoms and lubes across Nottinghamshire.

The scheme is available from a range of places including:

  • Health Centres
  • GP Practices
  • Youth Centres
  • Colleges and Schools
  • Pharmacies
  • Children's centres
  • SEXions

For more information and how to get a C Card, please visit the Nottinghamshire County Council.