Stage Two

Here you will find details about the workshops you can attend during the Stage 2 section of your adoption assessment.  To book a place on any of our workshops, please speak to your allocated social worker about availability and specific venue locations (*dates are subject to change).

Virtual Reality – Essential Learning

Adoption East Midlands are at the forefront of modern technology in adoption and are using virtual reality (VR) to help our adopters develop greater connection to the lived experiences of our children. During your Stage 2 assessment home visits you will be given the opportunity to experience this immersive experience using a virtual reality headset.

The VR content follows the experiences of a little girl called Rayleigh and gives prospective adopters a unique perspective on the world through Rayleigh’s eyes and will help you develop greater understanding of the experiences some of our children have been through in their early life, and how this can have an impact on their brain development, behaviour, attachments & relationships. These sessions are facilitated by your assessing social worker who will fully discuss the content and support you before and after the VR session. You will also revisit Rayleigh’s story as part of the Therapeutic Parenting Workshops to develop your learning about the impact of trauma.

Therapeutic Parenting – Essential Learning

This ‘in-person’ workshop will build on the information already learned in Stage 1 of the process around Therapeutic Parenting.  To begin with we will look at the impact of trauma on the developing brain and then we will explore PACE, reparative parenting and practice practical techniques to aid in meaningful attachment with your adopted child/ren.

Dates (*subject to change) Times Venue
Thursday 23 May and Friday 24 May Day One 1pm-4pm
Day Two 9.30am-4.30pm
Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 June Nottinghamshire
Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 July Derbyshire
Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 August Nottinghamshire
Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 September Derbyshire
Wednesday 30 and Thursday 31st October Nottinghamshire
Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 November Derbyshire


Linking, Matching and Introductions – Essential Learning

Facilitated by the Homefinding team, this virtual session will help you to understand how adopters are linked and matched with a child/ren and the pathways to get there, whilst discussing the lead up to Matching Panel, meeting your child/ren and how best you can help their transition into your care.

Dates (*subject to change) Venue Time
Wednesday 17 July Virtually delivered via Microsoft Teams All 10am-1pm
Wednesday 16 October


Education & Adoption – Essential Learning

A half day virtual workshop which highlights the importance of accessing the right support for your child/ren when they reach school age.  It explains the role and responsibility of the virtual school, assists in your understanding of the SEN provision in the local area, provides information around how to access appropriate support in education as well as empower you to be an advocate for your child’s education journey.

Dates (*subject to change) Venue Time
Tuesday 11 June Virtually delivered via Microsoft Teams All 9.30am-1pm
Tuesday 8 October


Considering Siblings- highly recommended

This workshop is designed to help you think about adopting a sibling group.  We will consider the positives, as well as the challenges, of supporting the individual and collective needs of sibling groups and will explore the impact and practicalities of parenting brothers and sisters. We'll encourage you to consider your own support network and think about what you have to offer a sibling group and the ways in which you are realistic, resourceful & resilient. Each session includes time set aside to meet and talk with an experienced sibling adopter.

Dates (*subject to change) Venue Time
Thursday 4 July Virtually delivered via Microsoft Teams All 9am-1.30pm
Thursday 19 September
Thursday 7 November


Early Permanence: Fostering for Adoption (FFA)- highly recommended

Building on a foundation of learning following the CATCH FFA webinar, the AEM workshop will revisit what FFA is in theory, including the pathway as well as the practicalities and expectations of initially being a foster carer. It will consider the rewards and challenges of early permanence. You will also have the opportunity to hear about the lived experience of FFA, and to reflect on whether FFA could be the right route to adoption for you.

Dates (*subject to change) Venue Time
Thursday 6 June  Virtually delivered via Microsoft Teams All 12pm-2pm
Thursday 22 August
Thursday 24 October
Thursday 12 December


Family and Friends- highly recommended

This workshop helps the nominated people from your support network to understand the adoption process.  It is an open space for dialogue of what their feelings, expectations, fears and hopes are of their friend/family member adopting.  It discusses the experiences and subsequent needs of children who are adopted and explores how they can best support you and your child/ren both now and in the future.

Dates (*subject to change) Venue Time
Wednesday 10 July Virtually delivered via Microsoft Teams 12pm-2.30pm
Wednesday 11 September 6pm-8.30pm
Wednesday 6 November 12pm-2.30pm