Life story work workshop Thursday 10 October 2024

Course date: Thursday, October 10, 2024

Life story work is an important part of the development of every adoptive child and young person. It enables them to build a sense of identity through making sense of their pre adoptive history. It is a child’s realistic account of early years events and can support adoptive parents to dispel any myths and fantasies about their birth history. Separation and loss are key themes in adoption and life story work can support adoptive parents to understand and develop empathy for their child.

This workshop will support with:

  • Ideas and tools to be able to talk to an adoptive child about their story.
  • Ways to communicate openly and honestly about an adoptive child’s history, taking into consideration their age and level of development.
  • Recognising how adoptive parents' own life experiences may affect this work.
  • Feeling more confident in using the life story work material available.
  • The timing of telling an adoptive child about their other family in a comfortable way.
  • Meeting other adoptive parents and talking to them about life story work.

The workshop will be taking place on Thursday 10 October 2024 from 9.30am - 12.30pm. To book a place and find out more information about the venue please email us at:

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