Education and Adoption Workshop October 2024

Course date: Tuesday, October 8, 2024

Experienced adopters tell us that being informed and prepared, so that they can support their child’s education is essential and can be vital to their child’s school experience. We are excited to present a workshop specifically around education and adoption.

The content and aims of this workshop are:

  • To provide information about how to access support in education.
  • To empower adopters in making an informed choice in respect of their child's schooling.
  • To empower adopters to be their child's advocate.
  • To provide an opportunity to hear from an experienced adopter.
  • To provide an opportunity to hear from a family SENCO.
  • To provide an opportunity to meet a representative from your local virtual school.

The workshop is open to:

  • Prospective adopters in Stage 1
  • Prospective adopters in Stage 2
  • Approved prospective adopters in the home finding stage or a match
  • Adoptive Families with a child or children in early placement
  • Adoptive family on a nursery journey
  • Adoptive family already on a journey in primary school

Even if your child or children are still very young, we recommend this workshop as it provides a really useful framework for thinking about your child’s future journey through nursery, pre school and primary school.

This workshop will be taking place virtually via Microsoft Teams on Tuesday 8 October 2024 from 9.30am - 1pm. To book a place please email:

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